Top Tips For Decorating Your Home And Office For The Holidays

Top Tips For Decorating Your Home And Office For The Holidays

November is a magical time of year. The last of the leaves are falling off the trees, and the chilly air brings the first frost of the season in many states across America. Some areas have already had the first snow! November wraps up for many with a delicious Thanksgiving feast of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. As if all of this isn’t magical enough, we start decorating for the December holidays! Soon we will see twinkling lights, candles, and evergreens make their appearance, to the delight of children and adults alike. Decorating your home and office for the holidays is fun and festive! Let’s look at the top tips and trends for holiday decor this season. 

What Is Your Preferred Winter Holiday?

December is a special time for family and friends to celebrate the season. The main holidays are Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Some prefer to celebrate the Winter Solstice if they don’t practice any religions or cultural influences of these holidays. You may even wish to celebrate more than one holiday! 

Holiday Decor For Every Interior Design

One of the best things about the holidays is decorating your home. You can achieve everything from nostalgic vintage holiday designs to a sleek modern minimalist look to keep with your own style preferences. 

Christmas decor usually consists of a tree topped with twinkling lights, ornaments, bows, and garlands. Stockings are hung on the fireplace mantle, along with a greenery garland. You may find a nativity scene, which depicts the story of the birth of baby Jesus in the manger. Angels and Santa Clause are also characters of the typical American Christmas decor. 

The highlight of Hanukkah celebrations is lighting the menorah. Not only is this a beautiful ceremony you get to do for eight nights, but the menorah itself can also serve as a centerpiece for your Hanukkah decor. For a fun project, switch it up this year with a DIY menorah you can make with the kids! 

Kwanzaa is another week-long holiday in December. It was created to celebrate African and African-American culture. Kwanzaa decor can be hard to come by, but there are also many DIY projects you can do to create your own. 

Farmhouse Holiday Home Decor

The warm, charming, and subtle look of farmhouse decor is a top trend, even if you don’t live on a farm. The rustic looks of old rusted metal, distressed wood, and wreaths made from evergreens and other natural materials make up the farmhouse holiday decor trend. Shop your local farms for evergreens, cypress, and pine trimmings to create a beautiful Christmas garland for indoor or outdoor decorating. This year, buffalo check prints are showing up everywhere, from clothes to blankets and throw pillows. Make burlap bows and stockings for the fireplace mantle for a neutral color scheme. Gather pine cones to add to bowls or place among greenery to welcome nature into the home. Spray paint them white to give them a faux snow look or a metallic silver to add a glamorous touch. Fill a galvanized bucket or vintage milk can with your pinecones, dried berries, and spruce sprigs with twinkling white string lights for an elegant farmhouse DIY decor.

Americana Holiday Home Decor

Similar to the farmhouse style, the Americana look is country with a patriotic twist. Think stars, stripes, and the red, white, and blue color scheme. You can easily turn your Americana decor into a holiday theme. Use star-shaped items to decorate, such as a star-shaped wreath, table display, and tree ornaments. You can also add mini flags or flag-themed ribbons to your tree. 

Nordic Hygge Holiday Home Decor

You might be thinking, “Why Nordic home decor for the holidays? What IS hygge?”. If you live in a colder climate, you probably already incorporate the hygge lifestyle without realizing it. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is more of a vibe than home decor. Hygge is a word in Danish and Norwegian culture that is best described as a feeling of coziness and warmth. It dates back to the year 1800 as a way to shelter together indoors during the cold, dark Nordic climate. The hygge lifestyle trend has taken the world by storm over the past few years. 

To create a hygge holiday look in your home, bring out the candles, the white Christmas lights, throw blankets, and fluffy pillows. Incorporate the colors that represent your chosen holiday. 

Decorating The Office For The Holidays

Your office is basically your home away from home. Why not decorate it for the holidays? Whether you have a private office or work in a maze of cubicles, decorating the office for the holidays can lift your spirits and bring joy into the workplace. There are plenty of fun office holiday decorating ideas to choose from.

If you have a private office, you can really make it a cozy and inviting space for the holidays. Bring in a tiny evergreen tree (artificial is best). Decorate it with lights (you can even use battery-operated lights) and tiny ornaments. Hang a festive wreath on your door or wall. Decorate the walls with a festive holiday tapestry or hanging artwork. 

Get your whole team involved! Many offices do cubicle decorating contests! You can do all of the above to decorate your own desk and cubicle walls or go all out and decorate your whole section of the office building. Wrap your You can really get creative with cubicle themes, such as a winter wonderland, candy land, or your favorite holiday movie. Turn your cubicle into a gingerbread house! 

What are some of your favorite holiday decor ideas for your home or office?

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