North Texas Living ~ Why People Are Relocating Here To Live And Work

North Texas Living ~ Why People Are Relocating Here To Live And Work

America has voted. According to several surveys that come out each year, North Texas is still one of the top-rated places to live. That’s because we have some fantastic cities, towns, and neighborhoods that everyone across the globe is relocating to. North Texas has that desirability factor for many reasons. Not only is the area a great place to live and raise a family, but large corporations are relocating their corporate offices here, too. What is it that makes North Texas consistently rank so high among the nation’s best places to live?

Why Relocate To North Texas?

A better question would be, why NOT relocate to North Texas? The region uniquely blends luxury, class, urban life, and expansive estates. It’s small town living with city life just a short distance away. 

You will find safe communities and great schools all through Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and the North Texas neighborhoods. You will also find top-rated colleges and universities throughout the DFW area.

The North Texas region has some of the best entertainment, shopping, dining, and recreational spots. Whether it’s upscale dining, Tex-Mex, or some good southern BBQ, Dallas was voted by as the 2019 Restaurant City of the Year! If you love shopping, drop by the Design District, Highland Park Village, and all the area's boutiques. For sports lovers, we have the Dallas Cowboys and many pro and collegiate-level sports to choose from! Since so many families are relocating to North Texas, you will see a lot of family-friendly museums, adventure parks, and entertainment centers popping up everywhere. Who needs to go to California? We have a Universal coming in addition to all of our other great amusement parks!

If you love the great outdoors, the North Texas region has mild winters and some of the most consistent weather patterns in Texas. Spring and fall are the perfect temperatures for hiking and other outdoor recreation. Summers are sweltering and somewhat humid, but there are plenty of lakes and backyard pools to keep you cool. In fact, if you love the lake life, why not build a lakeside property on Lewisville Lake or Lake Texoma?

Why Are Relocations To North Texas On The Rise?

It really does seem like people are flocking to DFW, in particular, these days. The DFW metroplex has been a hub for corporate relocations for years, but the companies keep coming! They come from all over the nation, but perhaps the most notable is the swarm of California corporations relocating here. This significant increase in population due to the relocations creates a need for real estate development, both commercial and residential. 

The driving force behind all these corporate relocations is the financial opportunities and benefits. Texas's combined corporate tax rate is 21%, one of the lowest in the entire United States. When corporations lower their tax rate, it usually means an increase in corporate profits by about 5% to 7% on average. Offices that rent their space can save money as well. The rent pricing can be half of what corporations would pay in other large cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. 

The Impact Of Healthcare Industry Relocations

Not only do our new Texas residents need homes and buildings to work in, but this also created a rise in the need for healthcare offices and facilities. New urgent care clinics are popping up in neighborhoods, creating a more convenient location for families. There are financial savings for healthcare providers when they move their offices out of large hospitals and into office buildings or clinics. 

With the increase in healthcare workers relocating to North Texas, they need housing. They may rent or own housing or even rent an Airbnb property. Traveling nurses, for example, may only need temporary housing on a monthly basis, so these types of temporary rental properties are suitable for them. Many large corporations are building mixed-use developments, which include everything their employees would need and be close to the office. These developments not only include housing close to work and retail shopping, restaurants, walking trails, and transportation systems. 

The Market Forecast For North Texas 

With all of the increased population and development in the North Texas region, it’s clear that we are still in a positive upward trend for the market forecast. This includes residential, commercial, and medical office building growth. The population is not likely to stop its steady increase as more jobs and people move into the region. As long as North Texas continues to be rated the top area to live in the United States, new residents and businesses will continue to relocate here. 

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