4 Smart Home Technology Applications You Need in Your Luxury Home Right Now

4 Smart Home Technology Applications You Need in Your Luxury Home Right Now

In any luxury home, the furnishings are taken to the next level, and they are often cutting-edge. It only makes sense that you would equip your luxury home with the best smart home technology to make your life easier. 

Over 40% of homes in the United States incorporate smart home technology, and the luxury residential market test drives the latest features before they become part of everyday living. Plus, this type of tech is a cool party trick to show off at your housewarming party. Get ready to impress yourself and your friends with these smart home conveniences that are now a must-have in any luxury home.

Smart Home Necessity #1: Smart Appliances

By now, most of us have seen refrigerator TV commercials where you tap a button and can see the inside without even opening the door. But smart home appliances go way beyond that. Integrate your oven, dishwasher, coffee maker, and refrigerator at the touch of a button on your smartphone. 

Forgot the grocery list when you ran out the door? Find out what you need from your refrigerator because you can peek inside while browsing the produce aisle. Do you want coffee when you return home from that five-star dinner in the city? You can have fresh ground coffee brewed to the perfect temperature waiting for you all at the press of a button. 

Household appliances that you communicate with while you are outside the home are the future of everyday living. But you can have that today. 

Smart Home Necessity #2: Lighting

Smart home lighting offers both security and efficiency advantages. Controlled through a smartphone or voice activation, homeowners can dim the lights or turn them off at set times to save energy and money. It also sets the mood for special occasions or everyday living. 

From a security standpoint, lighting the outside and inside of your home matters. No one has to know you are on a month-long European trip. With smart home technology, the lights can turn on at different times of the day and at different levels. Motion sensors can light up walkways if anyone approaches your home. Combined with a smart home security system, you can even be notified when that person approaches the door. 

Smart Home Necessity #3: Security System

Sadly, luxury homes are often a popular target for criminal activity. Smart home security protects your residence, whether you are home or halfway across the country. Many residential homes have access to video doorbells and cameras. These systems can easily be purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement or Home Depot. 

But luxury smart home security systems provide next-level peace of mind. Closed circuit television, controlled gates, and even drones are available to make your investment more secure. Monitors and motion detectors can sense between the pet sitter and the Amazon delivery van. 

Smart Home Necessity #4: Home Monitoring

Home security systems are a worthwhile investment. Luxury homes with whole-house monitoring systems protect the investment one step further. 

Ever walk into your house after a long day at the office, only to find rising water and ruined furniture? Such disasters can be prevented with smart home sensors installed throughout the home. You can be notified via text, phone, or an alert on your smartphone about fire, water, or electrical damage. Sensors can be added to your home during the building phase, connected to a home monitoring system, or even tied into the security system

While you are avoiding potential disaster in your home, you also add to your home’s value with these integrated systems. A potential buyer will understand the value and be willing to pay top dollar when you are ready to sell. 

Experts in Smart Home Technology

One familiar name in the smart home space is Samsung. Their smart home products allow you to have one seamless and connected system inside your home. From televisions to kitchen appliances, your smart home can be equipped with a trusted name in the electronics industry. 

Other smart home manufacturers, like Lutron Electronics and Savant Systems, may be new to you, but they both offer state-of-the-art products. For example, Lutron Electronics offers lighting and shading systems specifically for the luxury home market. Savant Systems, on the other hand, is a whole home automation company. They provide lighting, security, and entertainment systems to meet your smart home needs. 

Luxury builders often work with local authorized distributors and dealers. Even if the smart home manufacturers are outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Market, you will have a local contact for support or upgrades. For example, Savant Systems has multiple authorized dealers in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. Several locations even have smart home showrooms so that you can test drive the technology before purchasing. Luxury homes become an integral part of our lives, offering a warm and welcoming space for family and friends. Smart home technology incorporates peace of mind and convenience, so you can worry less and enjoy life more. Contact Milani Properties to find the right home for you and your family.

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